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Celebrity Hairdresser Andrew Barton delivers masterclass
















Hairdressing students receive masterclass from renowned hairdresser, Andrew Barton.

Andrew began his career as an apprentice in a salon in Yorkshire, he is best known as the hair expert on hit TV show 10 Years Younger.

The Masterclass started with a sit-down session where Andrew shared his personal career journey, covering how he became a successful hairdresser and emphasising the importance of detail and precision in your work. Andrew highlighted the important value hairdressers can have through changing how somebody feels about themself and their appearance. This session was followed by practical in-class demonstrations.

Nadine Beck, Head of School said “In the afternoon the Level our students had a precision bob masterclass where Andrew demonstrated his techniques, students worked through the haircut on blocks to perfect this look”.

Andrew said “I took college seriously and I wanted to learn how to be the best. Unfortunately, this industry is full of mediocre hairdressing but I hope that, like I did, you too will have the aspirations to be the best.”

He concluded “Winning the ultimate hairdressing prize in the UK at the British Hairdressing Awards was the highlight of my career. Now I believe my responsibility is to give back to the industry, that’s why I invest in visiting local colleges and working with the future of British hairdressing.”

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