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Aviation Students visit Monarch Training Centre

Aviation students made the trip to Monarch Airlines Training Centre in Luton last week, where they participated in different airline cabin crew training exercises.

The students were given insight by highly experienced Monarch staff, who explained in great detail the roles and responsibilities that are expected from the cabin crew. The day consisted of multiple safety practicals designed to test and develop the student’s knowledge of what action to take during emergency situations.

The practicals included how to deal with a smoke filled cabin, firefighting, door training, passenger announcements, manual demonstration, evacuation training, slide descent (see them in action here!) and aviation security aircraft searches.

The day was a fantastic opportunity for the students, to get a first-hand experience of what it’s like to work as part of a cabin crew. The staff also provided the students with helpful tips on how to improve their employability in the industry, and encouraged them to apply for a job at Monarch!

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