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Autumn GCSE English and maths resits

For all students resitting GCSE English and maths this Autumn, the dates and information can be seen below:

01/11/2017 - AM - English paper 1

02/11/2017 - AM - maths paper 1

03/11/2017 - AM - English paper 2

06/11/2017 - AM - maths paper 2

08/11/2017 - AM - maths paper 3

If you're interested in resitting English and maths then make the most of our GEM service, which is focused on engaging students to help improve their future career prospects. To find out more about GEM, click here.

If you're interested in resitting or have any more questions, just give us a call on 01923 812345.

The video below explains GEM in more detail:

GEM: English & Maths

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