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All you need to know on Work Based Learning...

Enhance your career with Work Based Learning.

Our higher education courses are specifically tailored to the needs of employers – providing you with the essential skills you need to find a job.

Studying a Foundation degree at West Herts College has an array of benefits. One of which is Work Based Learning – find out more on WBL below…

What is WBL?

Work Based Learning merges theory with practice – it allows you to gain invaluable work experience, tailored to your course. It provides you with real-life work experiences that enable you to attain competencies such as positive work attitudes and other employable skills.

Sounds good right? You’ll be pleased to know ALL of our Foundation degrees incorporate WBL opportunities.

A WBL project in action

Takiyah Johnson is studying a Foundation degree in Business with Marketing at West Herts College. She’s currently completing a WBL Marketing project for West Herts College restaurant, working alongside restaurant coordinator Leah Domm. The main aim of the project is to promote the restaurant to existing students. So far, Takiyah has had involvement in…   

- Market research
- Conducting surveys
- Producing a promotional leaflet
- Producing loyalty cards for visitors
- Attending weekly business meetings with restaurant staff

What are the benefits?

- Develop job skills directly relevant to future employment
- Understanding of the expectations of the workplace
- Career planning
- Network with potential employers
- Personal development
- You’ll be ready to enter the workplace with practical experience – something employers are always looking for!

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