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Hello there.

Welcome to West Herts College, we're delighted that you've chosen to find out a little bit more about what we have to offer you. Our Principal, Gill Worgan, will tell you more.


Here at the College we are highly ambitious in what we want to achieve, this is reflected in our staff approach and our expectations for our students. Every student's journey matters and we do our best to help you understand the importance of every step along the way to ensure that we are working together to get the best possible outcome. 

College is a big step, one that should come with careful consideration, so to help you feel confident that your daughter/son is well placed to achieve their goals, we like to invite all our applicants to a Course Introduction Meeting. These group meetings are a fantastic chance for you to get a look at the College in action, you'll hear directly from our tutors and heads of department about our programmes of study, find out more about our sector-leading GAP Programme and understand how we're changing the way people think about English and maths through GEM.

Every individual student is well equipped to succeed here at College. We have outstanding facilities that enable our students to work and learn in a professional environment, using the kit and equipment that they can expect to be working with at university or in their first proper job. 

You'll be shown around the campus at your Course Introduction Meeting once you've applied, but if you're keen to have a sneak preview take a look at our interactive Google Tours, or come along to our next Open Day.

Many of our students require additional support with their studies to help them succeed, so we do all we can to ensure that there are no barriers to learning whilst at West Herts College. Support needs are varied and every individual requires a tailored form of support to best suit their needs, that's why we have a team of dedicated Additional Learning Support Assistants, a Student Support team and Study Skills Facilitators to provide support across a wide range of matters including; financial support, revision sessions, personal support, classroom learning support, childcare, travel arrangements and much more to those who need it. To find out more about eligibility for support and discuss personal support questions, please give our Student Support team a call on 01923 812575.

There's much more to life at College, so make sure to explore the Parent Zone and take your time to discover what studying at West Herts College is really about. If you can't find what you're looking for, you can always call us directly on 01923 812345 and we'll be happy to help.

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