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Project Bravura

Bravura – which means ‘great technical skill and brilliance’

Project Bravura is our skills initiative that's going to take you places.

We have collaborated with the best employer partners in each industry to bring you the unmissable opportunity to develop skills for success over and above those acquired in your main qualification.

As a student at West Herts College you will hear from industry experts, have access to short courses, achieve additional qualifications and work directly with employers through masterclasses and on-the-job training to develop the specific skills and knowledge you need to get ahead in your chosen career path.

These additional skills will be specific to your own personal ambitions and planned next steps, and are skills that employers are specifically looking for from new recruits to their businesses. The jobs market is competitive and employers are looking for dynamic people with the qualifications and skills most relevant to their sector. There will always be competition for the best opportunities and we like to give our students that competitive edge.

Through Project Bravura we will help you to set your sights high, aim for the best jobs, apprenticeships and university places.

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