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English & Maths

Life gets interesting when you’re good at English and maths!

English and maths is about a future full of promise whatever route you take. The best employers will want to give you a job, and a place at university will be yours for the taking.

That's why, at West Herts College, we're determined to change the way we use and think about English and maths.

GEM is a new way of learning English and maths, an AI programme that helps you to improve your skills in bite sized nuggets. We want English and maths to make a real difference to the way we use words and numbers, which is why we have a team of specialist GEM tutors whose job it is to bring these essential subjects to life.

Your own personal GEM programme

If you have GCSE grades 4-9 we'll build GEM around your main course of study, enhancing your skills and developing new ones. If you haven't yet achieved these grades in either subject, you'll take additional GEM classes alongside the on-demand learning platform and work towards resitting your GCSE exams in the Autumn or Summer series.

The importance of perseverance

Employers are constantly telling us how important English and maths skills are, especially for young people looking to secure their first job. Our goal is to make sure that all of our students have the best possible opportunities for their next steps, be it university an apprenticeship or a great first job. Securing the top 5 skills for your chosen career and/or a grade 4 (C) or above in both English and maths is just as important as attaining good grades on your course, that's why GEM is embedded in to your programme of study.

Functional Skills

Some students may come to us below a grade 3 in English and maths, and would benefit from first studying towards functional skills qualifications to continue improving these key skills. You'll sit an initial assessment when you start at college and this will help us to understand which qualification is right for you. Students who are working on or towards Entry 3 Functional Skills will sit this qualification via NCFE.

Resit opportunities 

Our GEM tutors will work with you at your pace to get you ready for resitting your GCSE exams. There are opportunities for students to retake their exams early in the academic year if they feel ready for it, or you can continue your work across the year and resit the exams in the summer. 

Find out more

If you have any questions or want to find out more, just give us a call on 01923 812345.