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Student Finance

If you or a family member are progressing on to a Higher Education course next academic year, here is all the information you need to start applying for student finance.

There are two main costs associated to Higher Education; tuition and living (e.g. food, accommodation, books). You can apply for government loans for one or the other or both, depending on your circumstances.

Applying online is simple - watch the video below for a step by step explanation.


Extra Information

To gain a deeper understanding of the process, take a look at the video below.



£21,000 and under = £0

£25,000 = £30

£30,000 = £67

£50,000 = £217

      If you haven’t paid the money back after 30 years, then your loan will be written off.


It’s important to submit your application early so that any necessary documents (declaration form, ID etc.) can be sent off and the application can be processed before the start of term.

Get ahead and apply for Student Finance today by clicking here!

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