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Foundation Degree in Business Management with Law


This two-year course offers a great opportunity for you to develop both general and specific business skills. You’ll specialise in business law, with in-depth learning on contract law and employment law. Your learning will be delivered through projects and case studies, and you’ll also have the opportunity to take part in work-based learning with local and national employers. The cases you work on will be supported by examples from the courtroom, and you’ll also learn practical applications of the law, such as how to bring a case to an employment tribunal. During the course you'll also develop necessary skills that are highly sought after by employers.

This course can be studied full and part time.

Our Foundation degree programmes are run in partnership with, and validated by, the University of Hertfordshire.

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"I’m constantly growing on this course with the help of my tutors, this has been the perfect stepping stone to a career in law."

Anna Otieno, Foundation Degree Business with Law

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