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Foundation Degree in Business Management with Law


This two-year programme is designed to give you the skills, knowledge and expertise necessary to enter a career in Law. Additionally, it will develop your understanding of the role of business in society and develop knowledge of the main functional areas; accounting, marketing and human resources.

You will acquire knowledge of UK and European laws and you will examine and demonstrate principles of contract and commercial law, and apply them to business scenarios. You will identify interpret and explain standard clauses in business contracts.

You don’t need any prior knowledge of business studies or marketing before choosing this subject. You will gain a broad introduction to the subject in your first year and study more specialist subjects in the second year. You will also be able to work on a work based learning project, giving you hands-on experience.

Our Foundation degree programmes are run in partnership with, and validated by, the University of Hertfordshire.

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Work Based Learning at West Herts College

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"I’m constantly growing on this course with the help of my tutors, this has been the perfect stepping stone to a career in law."

Anna Otieno, Foundation Degree Business with Law

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