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Level 5 Management Apprenticeship


This programme is ideal for anyone who is already in a leadership role and who has had considerable experience of leading a team. The qualification will stretch, support and develop all types of leaders.

Candidates who would benefit from this level of development would ideally be in a position to influence the delivering of a strategic plan and able to innovate within the organisation.

Suitable job roles include: Operational Managers, Regional Managers, Heads of Department, Project Managers, Business Development Managers. Managers with a team or managers managing team leaders will be able to develop their skills and knowledge and to share their working experience with others. This will enable them to improve their professional competency and bring results to their organisation.

The programme builds in softer-skills development alongside task-led skills and experience such as managing change, projects and budgets. Tasks undertaken by higher level apprentices will vary depending on the sector in which they are employed.

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