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Our Careers Leads

Careers Leads

We're led by a team of qualified careers specialists, who are here to help. You can contact a member of the team directly or email to get in touch.

Diana Mclldowie – Head of Careers and Education

"I am a qualified careers leader and I have 17 years’ experience of working with young people to deliver impartial careers advice and guidance.

I believe it is critical for our young people to have a thorough understanding of the demands of the workplace. We need to ensure that our students are prepared with the necessary skills, knowledge  and experiences that both employers and universities look for. These skills and knowledge will increase readiness for work and higher education and give students a competitive edge in applying for their first-choice jobs and university courses."

Contact Diana - 01923 812345 or



Chris Dacosta-Jackdeo – Careers and Progression Coordinator

 "I have worked within a variety of roles during my time at the West Herts College Group. I have gained experience from working within the Admissions and Apprenticeship department to guide learners towards the appropriate courses that will help them to gain the qualifications needed to reach their intended destinations. I have worked as the Group Coordinator for On The Job Training opportunities to better equip learners with the technical skills employers are looking for to build their local talent pipeline. I am now currently working as the Careers and Progression Coordinator, where I provide Careers Advice and Guidance to learners supporting their transition from College. I am supported in my role with my Level 6 Careers Development Practitioner qualification."

Contact Chris - 01923 812345 or