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Employers - Creating a talent pipeline

At West Herts College our careers programme is tailored to meet the needs of our local economy. We work closely with employers to ensure that our students are completing their time at college with the core skills needed to move into employment and hit the ground running.

Working together to generate a talent pipeline
West Herts College is focused on anticipating new career opportunities and targeting priority skills to prepare our students for the job opportunities that await them at the end of their studies. To do this successfully we work with employers across the region to help inform our curriculum planning, enabling our students to achieve qualifications that are backed up by the priority skills that are required in the modern jobs market. 

Our aim is to provide employers like you, with a talent pipeline of qualified, highly-skilled and job-ready young people who can thrive in the workplace.

Providing opportunities to the next generation
We want our students to work closely with employers to understand what it takes to land a job in their chosen industry. There are a number of ways that local employer can get involved at college listed below:

Project Bravura

Bravura - which means great technical skill and brilliance is a project that launched in 2021 that provide our students with the targeted skills that employers like you have told us they need from their new recruits.

Each student has a tailored skills plan bespoke to their personal ambitions and planned next steps that includes on the job training, masterclasses, short courses and additional qualifications to be able to show you that they have the skills for success in industry.

If you would like to talk to us about supporting our students then please contact the GAP team directly by emailing or calling 01923 812000.


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