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Public Values & Financial Statement

At West Herts College we provide a wide range of services to our communities. We aim to build and nurture strategically important partnerships that bring value to us as a College, our staff, students and our wider community.

We believe we are a key asset to the communities we serve and we therefore aim to understand local issues and make a contribution towards identifying, developing and delivering solutions.

We strive to provide our students with the skills and experience they need to be successful in life and work. We monitor and understand the local jobs market and work hard to establish relationships between our students and employers, developing a workforce with skills and experience.

Our varied provision provides lifelong learning opportunities through a range of courses that enable individuals to pursue personal interests and passions.

We will work hard to ensure we are accessible whenever possible, providing a safe and welcoming place for local people to gather, learn and take part in leisure activities – whether organised by the College or community organisations.

The responsible use of public funding is essential. We will always seek to prioritise expenditure and investment to benefit local people and our communities. Our financial statements include information about returns on financial investment and other key information.

Annual Report and financial statements:



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