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Equality and Diversity

Fair treatment and support for all

The College welcomes students and staff from all backgrounds and communities. We guarantee that you will be treated fairly and with dignity and respect while you are here. We recognise individual needs, situations and personal goals and will work with you towards removing barriers to these.

Our Equality and Diversity Policy and Strategy describe how we ensure that all members of the College are treated fairly. Our latest Annual Report shows the work that we’ve been doing in achieving our objectives.

The College values academic freedom and is committed to promoting and positively encouraging free debate, enquiry and, indeed, protest.  This means that it tolerates a wide range of views, political as well as academic, even when they are unpopular, controversial or provocative.  The College will however, always take firm and decisive action against anyone demonstrating any form of hate crime, including antisemitism, Islamophobia. The College has formally adopted the IHRA working definition of anti-semitism.



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