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Privacy and Cookies

Cookies - what are they?

Cookies are tiny text files stored on your computer when you visit certain web pages. Some websites require you to have cookies enabled to utilise the site’s full capabilities. Most web browsers have cookies enabled, but should have a tool allowing you to manage them. Each browser and device will be different so be sure to check your browser’s help section for information on changing your cookie preferences.

How do we use them?

Currently the only cookies the West Herts College website utilises are encrypted statistical data provided by Google Analytics. This data is not personally identifiable and only provides us with the number of people using each feature on our website. We use this to help us make improvements and give users of our site the best experience.


We do not collect any personal information from you on our website other than the information you give when requesting a prospectus from us. Please read our 'Fair processing notice' below for details of how we process personal data.

Fair processing notice

The College will process the information you provide on the application form under the terms of the Data Protection Act (1998) and only in connection with your studies, your health and safety at College and for any College extra-curricular activities. The information you have provided will be passed to the relevant Government funding agencies.

Government funding agencies are responsible for funding education and training for young people and adults in England, and are registered under the Data Protection Act (1998). The information you provide will be shared with other organisations for the purposes only of administration, careers and other guidance, statistics and research.

Other organisations with which we will share information include the Department for Education, Youth Connexions, the Higher Education Statistics Department, the Higher Education Funding council for England, educational institutions and organisations performing research and statistical work on behalf of Government funding agencies or their partners.

At no time will your personal information be passed to organisations for marketing or sales purposes. If you have been sponsored by your employer or an organisation, and they are paying your fees, your information may be shared with your employer or the organisation.

From time to time learners are approached to take part in surveys by mail and phone, which are aimed at enabling Government funding agencies and their partners to monitor performance, improve quality and plan future provision.

The College will take steps where possible to keep your information up to date, but requires your assistance and co-operation to meet this obligation. Please keep us informed of any changes to personal data.

If you would like further information please contact: Chris Pearson, Director of Marketing and Communications, West Herts College, Watford campus, Hempstead Road, Watford, Herts, WD17 3EZ